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Re: [Xen-users] Network configuration problem

Hi again,

>It's getting clearer now.
Phew! Lucky me.

>basically, your setup will be this one:
>But you will have peth2, eth2, vif0.2 - and you have only one NIC on
>dom1, but an additionaà dom2 with eth0 and vif2.0 connected to the
>bridge. then you directly assign the IP Adresses from you block to the
>eth0 NICs inside the domU systems.
Well, I think I understood that, and by reading through the 3.0 manual, I think
I can make of the matching configuration for the bridge.

What I am trying hard to understand is the way of properly configuring the
IP addresses. I know how to get everything set up in the guest configuration,
but what I didn't understand is:

Do I still add my IP addresses for the guests as alias to the interface list?

I have found this article http://www.debian-administration.org/articles/360
and it describes what I wanted much better than I could. Better drawing skills
obviously. The author is actually in the same situation as I am.

I fear, this all will end in a newbie howto which I will have to write to pay
for all the help.

With kind regards,

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