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Re: [Xen-users] Network configuration problem

Hi again,

>Finally, it's hard to tell you how to get there if you don't know
>exactly where you wanna go.
I will give it another try. Been reading up on different network setups, and I
used the pictures provided on the Wiki and used them as a template to draw what
I am looking for.

This is it: http://www.marenkay.com/wp-content/uploads/misc/XEN/networks.png

What we have here, is my server, running Debian Etch, with XEN and dom0 on it.
It has three network interfaces:

 * eth0 is connected to a backup storage system.
 * eth1 is connected to my private network.
 * eth2 is the web connection and has a public IP address. Let's stick to the
   dummy IP used in my previous mail, currently using, as it's
   the address block my provider uses for the rack where my system is living.

I do want to run two guest systems on this server, one being dom1 which should
run a small HTTP server for hosting subversion, and related tools, the second
one being dom2, running a mail server.

My provider has assigned a small address block from through, so it's a /29 network if I am not totally wrong. Now I am
supposed to use these IP addresses in order to host my services.

Thus I configured them as aliases for eth2. Now I would have to route to dom1
and dom2.

Does that make it understandable? And even more important, does that approach
make sense or is there a better solution for this?

I am open to suggestions, as I am just learning all this stuff.

With kind regards,

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