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Re: [Xen-users] How to communicate with Xen instance?


>I have a simple .cpp file and I want it to send it the virtual machine, let
>it compile there and bring me back the result of the compilation and
>executation. I think I could do it with scripting, but I don't quiet now how
Having installed Xen myself just a few hours ago, I went for having a Xen
setup at home with several guests running BuildBot. Very nice if you need
to build and check code quite often.

BuildBot is available from http://buildbot.sourceforge.net/

You could e.g. set up several domU's with different OS on them, and
configure each one as build slave for the build bot master.

If it's just a single cpp file, you might be faster with using SSH and scp'ing
your files to the guests, and compiling yourself on the command line.

With kind regards,

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