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[Xen-users] flexible memory management?


i'm passing dom0_mem=128M to the xen-hypervisor.
Then i'm starting two domUs with 435MB each.

Now i'm compiling something on my dom0. The dom0 is swapping, and
swapping, and swapping. The gcc-process is about 300megabytes. That
doesn't fit into the 128MB.

So is there some feature, with a minimum of performenace penalty, that
xen manages memory so that memory can be assigned, moved, and so on?

I could stop a domU to gain more memory for my dom0. Maybe it's even
possible to tell the domU to free 100MB and assign them to my dom0
temporarly etc.

But at the moment, my dom0 has 128MB statically. That's it.

So is there some more flexible way, like i'm imagining?
(well, without rebooting?)


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