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RE: [Xen-users] Xen dom0's w/NFS root

> Check the output of rpcinfo on the nfs server box, and be sure NFS's
> locking port isn't firewalled.

No firewall is running on dom0, domU, or the nfs server.
> Be sure each server's ip -> hostname is in each other corresponding
> servers /etc/hosts, if using tcp wrappers be sure to adjust them
> accordingly.

Don't understand why either the client or the server need to know each
other's names. My nfs config is as follows:


So, if you see the line, I'm opening the share to every
address on that 22 bit network without restriction.

dom0 successfully has this nfs mount point mounted, as do plethora
of many other hosts, all without any agreement on names.

> ^^^^ This tells me you have the locking port firewalled on the nfs
> server, or egress on it (on dom-0) blocked.

No firewall, no SELinux or similar on either end.

> Be sure /etc/exports refers to the connecting servers by the name you
> gave them in /etc/hosts.
> On dom-0, be sure /etc/hosts 'knows' about your file server.

Evil brute force should obviate the need for this, yes?

BTW, the root on the nfs share was a carbon copy of the dom0, not
yet configged with even so much as an IP or hostname, which I
should expect would be problems eventually, but we can agree
we're not getting that far, yes?


(note duplicate email to sender and list; suggest carboning list to
salt future searches).

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