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Re: [Xen-users] Xen dom0's w/NFS root

On Sat, 2007-02-10 at 09:37 -0800, Kraska, Joe A (US SSA) wrote:
> Dear Xen Community,
> I have been attempting to get a xen domU installed using
> an NFS root for several days now, and could use a little help.
> The nfs server is a RHEL4u4 box.
> The dom 0/u is stock Suse 10 (vmlinux-, a xen
> 3.0.2_09749 it appears).
> My objective at this point in time is to simply set up a
> couple of dom0's in which to test live migrations (on NFS).

Check the output of rpcinfo on the nfs server box, and be sure NFS's
locking port isn't firewalled. This changes (by kernel default) every
time you re-start NFS. NFS Can be a pain to firewall if left random.

Be sure each server's ip -> hostname is in each other corresponding NFS
servers /etc/hosts, if using tcp wrappers be sure to adjust them

This looks to be more of a nfs-misconfig, see below :

> ---------------------------------------
> xm create fails as follows:
> ---------------------------------------
> ...
> TCP reno registered
> NET: Registered protocol family 1
> XENBUS: Timeout connecting to devices!
> IP-Config: Device `eth0' not found.
> Starting udevd
> Creating devices
> Loading xennet
> netfront: Initialising virtual ethernet driver.
> Loading xenblk
> Loading reiserfs

> Mounting root
> mount server reported tcp not available, falling back to udp
> mount: RPC: Remote system error - Network is unreachable

^^^^ This tells me you have the locking port firewalled on the nfs
server, or egress on it (on dom-0) blocked. 

> umount: /dev: device is busy
> umount: /dev: device is busy
> Kernel panic - not syncing: Attempted to kill init!
> ---------------------------------------
> eth0 not found and "tcp not available" do look to be problems, not sure
> how to resolve
> Because of the internet difficulty, here are my ifconfig and brctl
> infos:

Double check /etc/hosts on the file server, it should look like this

10.x.x.x   nfs1.mydomain.com nfs1
10.x.x.x   dom01.mydomain.com dom01
10.x.x.x   dom02,mydomain.com dom02

Be sure /etc/exports refers to the connecting servers by the name you
gave them in /etc/hosts.

On dom-0, be sure /etc/hosts 'knows' about your file server. 

I really think (if nfs is setup right) its your locking port. If this
does turn out to be a Xen issue, please post back :)


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