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[Xen-users] Re: Problem with automatic VM (domU) creation

On Thu, Feb 22, 2007 at 08:12:01PM +0100, Henning Sprang wrote:
> On 2/22/07, Ligesh <myself@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> >> but this is not Xen's job.
> >
> > And how's that?
> >It is not the job of xen:the hyperVisor of course, but it should be part 
> >of the xen, the platform.
> What is "xen, the platform" supposed to be? For now, I know Xen as a
> virtualization software, not systems management software. It operates
> on a totally different level.

 Something similar to vmware's virtual center. Maybe for geeks it is fun to 
have a lot of tiny tools to play around with, but I think the end user needs a 
system that will do everything out of the box. And clearly the person who posed 
the original question was expecting this. And it is also clear that xen 
currently doesn't have such a tool, not open source at least.

 Again, I am not saying that the xen should provide it, but that there do exist 
a gap that needs to be filled--that is a tool that will do everything, 
including configure the hostname, network of the virtual machine from the dom0 

> And the Xen developers have enough to do to get this one right and
> nice. You might have realized, it works well in many scenarios, but is
> lacking in quite some areas of features, maturity, and documentation
> and usability. They need to concentrate on the core virtualization
> features.
> And, why reinvent the wheel? As said, xen-tools do a good job with the
> things the original poster wants.

 Of course, one has to always the keep the priorities in perspective at all 
times, and not get sidetracked on unnecessary features. But even if are 
considering core virtualization, I think xen should provide some mechanism to 
directly communicate with the domU using the domU's name as the identifier.

> If at all, virtualization management tools and system management tools
> should be made compatible. But i don't see any incompatibility of Xen
> with FAI, cfengine and others, and openQRM seems to target at
> integrating virtualization ,management into systems management.

 Does any of them provide the capabilities of virtual center? Or at least the 
ability to configure the virtual machines from dom0?

> >Does XenEnterprise do this at least?
> I don't care if XenEnterprise offers such a feature, I don't want
> closed source/non-free software to tinker with my system config files.
> I avoid it wherever I can.

:-) Despite your personal antagonism, you can't ignore that it does exist, and 
it does serve some purpose (otherwise people won't pay for it). So rather than 
dismissing it, maybe you should mimic its features in open source.

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