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RE: [Xen-users] some input needed

> so I thought I'd do it comma, and pipe and colon delimited. Something
> like this:

Python would make this cleaner for you, if you used a dictionary
with nested lists or some such. I think also this would be more
in line with what the larger community of Xen users is used to
seeing at this point.
> I can then easily go through a recursive nested switch and have a
> easy time of commenting the flow of it.

But natural and clear to any python scripter the other way.

> This way the order of the csv data is not important

The order of a dictionary is implicitly unimportant. Also requires
no specialized parsing.
> This also makes it even easier if using a more advanced language,
> especially one that supported nested arrays.

You mean like python? :)

> My goal is something simple, reliable, predictable and easy to hack

Python is "the" easy to hack language, man. :P

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