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Re: [Xen-users] Using PVM with pciback.hide and live-migration

> I'm writing a documentation about HA with VMs using Xen hypervisors
> and the pciback.hide functionality.

Sounds interesting.

> I'm imagining a scene with 3 
> NIC's. the NIC eth0 is the bridge to LAN. eth1 and eth2 is a load
> balance between 2 intenet links. Well, if I will be using the eth1 and
> eth2 with the option pciback.hide, I need to live-migration function
> the same PCI addressing and the same mac address. It's correct? Now,
> before I continue, is possible use VM live-migration with a NIC via
> pciback.hide considering the same PCI address and MAC address in both
> servers?

I'm afraid you can't migrate a domain that has direct access to PCI 
devices :-(

Do you really need to be able to migrate the domain that's controlling the 
ethernet cards?  What are you trying to achieve?  How about running a more 
conventional Linux HA setup (e.g. one domain takes over if the other one 
crashes / ceases to respond to heartbeat / something like that)?


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