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Re: [Xen-users] Xen on CentOS opinions

Hi there,

I do all my Xen development by running my development Xen in an HVM virtual 
machine on top of Xen ;-)

The host system, and all of my development systems are running CentOS 4.4 with 
Xen built from source.  It's working very well for me, stable and nice to 
work with - even in my rather unusual configuration :-)  I've run WinXP in 
HVM, plus Linux, Plan 9, NetBSD PV, FreeBSD HVM, Syllable HVM, etc on this 
machine, sometimes simultaneously with my development VMs.  No problems with 

I've yet to get Vista to install sanely, but Im' not entirely sure if that's 
Xen's fault... ;-)

CentOS / RHEL 5 incorporates integrated Xen with a nice GUI called 
virt-manager to tie it together.  There's also a service pack to CentOS - 
RHEL 4 that allows it to run as a paravirtualised domain...

One note: CentOS / RHEL 5 (and Fedora) all use PAE on 32-bit systems.  The 
NetBSD (and probably Plan 9) paravirtualised kernels won't work on PAE - you 
should be able to run them in HVM though.

Hope that helps some.


On Monday 16 April 2007 21:15, Formoso, Travis wrote:
> Hello,
> First â thanks to all the help and support on this list â really is
> appreciated!
> I was wondering what everyone thought of running xen on CentOS? I wanted
> to know your experience with it and opinions. Currently we have run it
> on Fedora Core and it has been a bit unstable. I was looking for an
> alternative option that we may use in the near future.
> Thank you,
> Travis
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