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Re: [Xen-users] Debian Etch DomU on SUSE SLES 10.SP1 Dom0

Steve Kemp wrote:
>   I'll spend a while tonight getting this sorted.  I've not been
>  able to find explicit instructions anywhere, but it should be
>  simple enough.

Maybe I'm wrong, cpio seems to be only an intermediate tool to unpack rpms:

When I think about it - why do you want to do it without rpm, anyway?

Doesn't the yum dirinstall require rpm to be available, and an (empty,
and never actiually used) rpm db on the host being there, anyway?
(I might have missed some command line options to circumvent this, but
remember something that I needed these) - or is it exactly that you are
going to work around?

Can't you make rpm a dependency for rinse - in the end, people want to
do rpm stuff, so the basic tool for this can be expected...


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