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[Xen-users] Endian Firewall PV and HVM - kernel 2.6.18?

I just tested a lot with endian firewall 2.1.2 (www.endian.it) and it is not running very stable. It crashed 4 times in HVM mode and it crashes in PV mode. In PV mode sometimes the kernel crashes at boottime. Also in PV mode I am not able to bind 4 bridges to my DomU (xenbr2 xenbr3 xenbr4 xenbr5). Endian freezes at boot time if I add more than 2 bridges. My other PV systems (kernel-2.6.18-xenU) and also my windows 2003 HVM are running very stable. No crashes at all. So what is wrong with endian 2.1.2?

I am thinking about compiling a xen DomU kernel with all endian patches included to start endian with kernel 2.6.18. Does anybody know if that could work? Will those patches apply to kernel 2.6.18? Were to find the kernel I have to patch in /usr/src/xen-3.1.0-src/ ?

Any other ideas?

greetings Florian Engelmann

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