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Re: [Xen-users] df reports disk full

giangiacomo schrieb:
i have 3 xen machines one equal to each other cause their are copied with dd command.

2 of them are working cool, but one gives filesystem full error.

If i reboot the "full" one, i can see 1GB free, then in some way it gets full, can't understand why.

it isn't   the /proc/kcore file

this is df -h output
Filesystem         Dimens. Usati Disp. Uso% Montato su
/dev/xvda1            2,7G  2,6G     0 100% /
tmpfs                 876M     0  876M   0% /dev/shm

but du -ksh on / says 2,0G .

end extended
du -ksh *
6,7M    bin
11M     boot
76K     command
56K     dev
32M     etc
35M     home
102M    lib
16K     lost+found
12K     media
0       misc
16K     mnt
0       net
8,0K    opt
3,9M    package
0       proc
22M     root
24M     sbin
8,0K    selinux
16K     service
8,0K    srv
0       sys
116K    tmp
816M    usr
999M    var

plus i don't know why /proc and /sys directories are 0.

hope someone can help me out!

It's not a Xen issue, you should ask at more Linux-newbie-specific group.

/sys and /proc are "virtual" filesystems, they don't take any disk space.

Tomasz Chmielewski

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