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[Xen-users] "'Invalid kernel', 'xc_dom_find_loader: no loader found\n" with new vanilla 2.6.23-rc8

Hello Mark,

you've been absolutely right. If I do boot the newly created 2.6.23-rc8 kernel I see in the early stages an message stating: [Linux-bzImage]
So, it looks like i'am trying to boot an bzImage linux kernel.

At my linux-source directory, I've found one big vmlinux (45 MB). But this file also gives me the same error message.

If i do issue the following command, i do get the following (I've now switched to 2.6.23-rc9):
debian:/home/linux-2.6.23-rc9# objdump -j __xen_guest -s ./vmlinux

./vmlinux:     file format elf32-i386

With my 2.6.18 (default DomU) i do get the following output:
debian:/home/xen-3.1# objdump -j __xen_guest -s ./build-linux-2.6.18-xen_x86_32/vmlinux

./build-linux-2.6.18-xen_x86_32/vmlinux:     file format elf32-i386

Contents of section __xen_guest:
 0000 47554553 545f4f53 3d6c696e 75782c47  GUEST_OS=linux,G
 0010 55455354 5f564552 3d322e36 2c58454e  UEST_VER=2.6,XEN
 0020 5f564552 3d78656e 2d332e30 2c564952  _VER=xen-3.0,VIR
 0030 545f4241 53453d30 78433030 30303030  T_BASE=0xC000000
 0040 302c454c 465f5041 4444525f 4f464653  0,ELF_PADDR_OFFS
 0050 45543d30 78433030 30303030 302c5649  ET=0xC0000000,VI
 0060 52545f45 4e545259 3d307843 30313030  RT_ENTRY=0xC0100
 0070 3030302c 48595045 5243414c 4c5f5041  000,HYPERCALL_PA
 0080 47453d30 78313031 2c464541 54555245  GE=0x101,FEATURE
 0090 533d7772 69746162 6c655f70 6167655f  S=writable_page_
 00a0 7461626c 65737c77 72697461 626c655f  tables|writable_
 00b0 64657363 72697074 6f725f74 61626c65  descriptor_table
 00c0 737c6175 746f5f74 72616e73 6c617465  s|auto_translate
 00d0 645f7068 79736d61 707c7061 655f7067  d_physmap|pae_pg
 00e0 6469725f 61626f76 655f3467 627c7375  dir_above_4gb|su
 00f0 70657276 69736f72 5f6d6f64 655f6b65  pervisor_mode_ke
 0100 726e656c 2c504145 3d796573 5b657874  rnel,PAE=yes[ext
 0110 656e6465 642d6372 335d2c4c 4f414445  ended-cr3],LOADE
 0120 523d6765 6e657269 6300               R=generic.

>>What version of Xen are you running?  
I've installed the latest xen form testing. Until now: 3.1.1-rc3
Xen-tools: 3.8

>>Can you stick the kernel online
>>somewhere so others can have a go at booting it on their systems?

Currently, I've got no webpage active.

So, at this time I think the build process from vanilla kernel isn't doing the right thing.


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