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Re: [Xen-users] lockfile?

On Wed, Oct 10, 2007 at 03:30:01PM +0900, Tomoki Taniguchi wrote:
> is there a locking mechanism in xen
> to prevent 2 xen server from running the same domU config
> located on a shared drive?
As far as i know: no.

> i wish that i you could specify a lock file in the domU config file,
> then xm create configfile
> will check to see if the lockfile specified in the config file exists.
> if it exists, it exits out with an error.
> if it does not exist, it creates the lockfile
> and starts the domU.
> does something similar exits?
There are several projects/attempts.
For our environment here we started to keep it as simple as possible
and implemented a script, and set an alias on 'xm' so the script wraps
every invocation of xm. Then all 'create' calls are catched by the
script, it gets from /etc/hosts the names of all dom0s in that xen-site
and checks via ssh-pubkey-auth if the new domU is already running there.

This is not perfect, if we come into so heavy use (so many domU-creations)
that this ssh-checking makes trouble a lock in a database (ldap?) is
probably better.
An other idea is to try to get locks on the disk-files of domUs, i
read if that is cluster-lvm that does locking, the evms we are using
does not.


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