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Re: [Xen-users] lockfile?

No, there's nothing like this currently available.

However, the commercial products based on Xen (or other VMMs, in fact) may 
include support for stuff like this.

Some of the open source management apps people are working one might either 
support this now or in the future, I guess.  You could always register a 
feature request with one or more of them and see how they respond.


On Wednesday 10 October 2007, Tomoki Taniguchi wrote:
> is there a locking mechanism in xen
> to prevent 2 xen server from running the same domU config
> located on a shared drive?
> i wish that i you could specify a lock file in the domU config file,
> then xm create configfile
> will check to see if the lockfile specified in the config file exists.
> if it exists, it exits out with an error.
> if it does not exist, it creates the lockfile
> and starts the domU.
> does something similar exits?
> Tomoki
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