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Re: [Xen-users] Ubuntu Gutsy as dom0

> > [3] Can I install MS Windows XP 32bit as domU even if my hardware is
> >
> > > an AMD64 machine?
> >
> > Yes
> Ok.
> > [4] Can I make use of the CD-ROM drive,
> > yes

You can't, however, access audio CDs.

> > > sound card
> >
> > probably

There's a config option for this, and I think people have used it 
successfully, however I've not tried it myself.

> > > and USB ports
> >
> > No.

USB ports are possible in principle; there are config file options to connect 
host USB devices through to a guest.  But it's not very user friendly and 
some folks have had problems with it.  Still, if you give it a go, it may 
work for your uses (for USB 1 devices, anyhow, USB2.0 isn't supported AFAIK).


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