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Re: [Xen-users] Xen with NIC Bonding on Debian Etch ?

Pierre-Alain RIVIERE wrote:
> Artur Mücke wrote:
>> Pierre-Alain RIVIERE wrote:
>>> Hello,
>>> As far as I'm concerned I have no problem with NIC bonding on Xen.
>>> I've used the following to get it working :
>>> http://anothergeekwebsite.com/fr/2007/06/xen-vlan-et-bonding-oui-oui-tout-ca
>>> (sorry it's in french but only the configuration files are important)
>>> OK, there's also VLAN support but you can drop this part, it is likely
>>> the same.
>>> It seems I proceed the same way as you but for the xen network script.

Im back.

Unfortunately its not working yet but I dont know why. This is what I
did, after I read your howto and (kind of) understood it:

The configuration looks different in debian but I think that doesnt care.

alias bond0 bonding
options bond0 miimon=100 mode=0

Its different to your setup but I think that should alright or am I wrong?

Moreover my network differs from yours. I have only one network, so I
dont need two bridges or do I?

dir=$(dirname "$0")
"$dir/network-bridge" "$@" vifnum=0 bridge=xenbr0

(network-script network-bridge)
network-script bonding-bridge)

My domU:

vif     = ['mac=02:00:00:00:00:01, bridge=xenbr0']

If i restart the xen-daemon, the network connection brakes down. So
after the creation of the xenbr0 and the other devices took place, the
connection network connection isnt working anymore. I cant reach any
host by ICMP in my network.

Any ideas what I am doing wrong?



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