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[Xen-users] No Network connectivity in DomU

I have a problem getting the network working in my debian (sarge) domU. It shows me the interface (eth0) and it seems like everything is working but it acts like the network cable is unplugged or the route is false...

I started the machine with the vif= ['']  parameter.

the kernel (of the domU) should be fine cause i compiled it and iptables is also working...

in my dom0 i have the log that the vif is created and bridging etc. BUT i tried to bind a ip via dhcp or manual to the vif from the dom0 but it also doesnt work...

i have xen 3.1 installed (from src) on a debian etch system. and networking from dom0 works fine!

any suggestions?


BSc. Alexandros Manakos
University of applied science - Hagenberg Sichere Informationssysteme E-Mail: alexandros[AT]manakos.de ------------------------------------------------------------------------

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