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Re: [Xen-users] Ubuntu DomU: Cannot apt-get many packages

> > Have you copied also the files under the /etc/apt/sources.list.d
> > directory?
> There wasn't anything under that directory, but I performed an rsync of the
> entire "/etc/apt/" directpry from the host to the VM.

This might seem obvious, in which case I apologise, but did you do a recursive 
rsync (-r) as opposed to just using *?

> > When you run "apt-get update", do you get the same number of lines (more
> > or less) on both systems?
> I do, and no errors pop up.

OK, well that sounds promising, at least.

What happens if you apt-cache search for these packages on the domU and on the 

> > Anyway - if you can access the network then this must be a Ubunutu/apt
> > config issue, nothing to do with it running under Xen.
> It may be.  I will post to the Ubuntu forums as well and see if they have
> any ideas.  I was hoping someone here might have come across this as well.

Out of interest, presumably you're running the same distro release on dom0 and 


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