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Re: [Xen-users] How to make KDE or Gnome available in DomU?

Hi kanour-xen,

please choose a proper name and avoid top posting!

On Tue, Nov 27, 2007 at 12:31:36PM +0000, kanour-xen wrote:
> I have to say, that I am confused :-). I have got one of the feelings 
> that I am completely stupid.
> Just to summarize the steps:
> After I installed clean DomU
> Do I have to install xserver-xorg on domU   |yes/no| yes
> DO I have to configure ? xserver-xorg     |yes/no| yes
>                                       (vesa framebufer)       

You need to install some xorg stuff. Not sure wether you need
xserver-xorg. I doubt it.

> Do I have to install KDE, kdm               |yes/no| yes
> Do I have to install vnc4server             |yes/no| no
> Do I have to add some ? line in domU config |yes/no| no
> Then I can run vncviewer from any workstation on the network do domU and 
> it should work?

You don't need vncviewer! Why do you not just login into your domU and
start kicker (the KDE panel)
ssh -n -X kicker &
You may also start gdmflexiserver which gives you a root window in
normal window.

This assumes that you want to connect from a X11 system or have at least
a local X11 server installed (on the system where you want to see the
window, not your domU).

It is also possible to redirect all graphical stuff to a
separate virtual console.
X -query
or something similar should work (but it is not encrypted).

> Emre Erenoglu wrote:
> >Hi Mark,
> >
> >you don't need a framebuffer to use NX. You don't need any video 
> >hardware at all. You just need KDM or GDM, with necessary gnome/kde 
> >environment packages. error about kstartupconfig may mean some 
> >configuration error with kde, no home directory etc.


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