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[Xen-users] Setting kernel time zone in domU?

Earlier, I wrote:

> The domU was freezing up in /etc/rcS.d/S11hwclock.sh -- presumably
> while trying to run /sbin/hwclock.  I mounted the domU's disk, added
> HWCLOCKACCESS=no to /etc/default/rcS -- bypassing the clock setting
> code (presumably unnecessary, right?, since the domU's clock is
> simply a reflection of the dom0's clock?) -- and the domU comes up
> just fine now.

Well, almost.  Two problems remain:

(1) The startup of a domU stalls for about three minutes, apparently
    in the /etc/rcS.d/S11hwclock.sh script.  I can get rid of this
    delay by making /sbin/hwclock non-executable (chmod 000).

(2) My local time zone is not being set during startup -- the system
    thinks it should use UTC.  "hwclock --hctosys" is supposed to set
    the kernel's timezone value, but that isn't happening because I
    set HWCLOCKACCESS=no, bypassing the "hwclock" calls in hwclock.sh.

Any suggestions for setting the kernel's timezone value to the local
timezone in a domU without running "hwclock --hctosys"?

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