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Re: [Xen-users] xen hvmloader gpxe

Hi Ignazio,

Am Mittwoch, den 31.12.2008, 14:05 +0100 schrieb
> I know pxe under xen and kvm is good for linux domu.
> But have you ever tried for windows domu using neoware image manager  
> streaming or vhdsoft os streaming ?

Nope, but i really dont understand for what purpose you want to have
such a setup.

netbooting is for system which dont have local-disks. But in your case
the systems are vms. If you put your vm-images on a shared-storage (nfs,
iscsi, aoe, nbd or whatever) its the same in my eyes.

Or don't i get you right?

Why do you want/need netbooting windows-vms? 

Have a look at @http://openqrm.com/storage-cluster.png

As you can see all DATA is in my storage-cluster and the dom0s have NO
local-disks, since they do netbooting. All vms resist in the
storage-cluster too....

>  They requires an upgraded pxe.
> I am sure kvm does not work if you don't add gpxe support to it.
> I am sure Xenserver (from Citrix) does not work (it works only with  
> Citrix Provisioning).

You could also have a look at openqrm, which could be interesting to
you, since it supports many hypervisors (vmware server, esx, xen, citrix
xen, kvm, v-server,..), provides HA, integrated Monitoring, incl.
Storage-Management (nfs, iscsi, aoe, lvm, local-disks), providing
cloud-computing and finally its GPL.


The new release adds some new features - especially the xen and kvm-part
has been enhanced

> Regards
> Igna



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