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Re: [Xen-users] HyperVM

> HyperVM is the only one I could find so far that does so much through
> a web interface, and also integrates with WHMCS for automated
> deployment, upgrades, suspension & un-suspension, reboots, reinstalls
> by the client, etc. 

I'm involved in the (free software) Annelidous project:
http://annelido.us/.  It is a "cloud infrastructure management
framework" licensed under the AGPLv3.  This can be used, as is, for VPS
hosting, but will soon support EC2-like functionality as well.  So far,
we have a working frontend forked from xen-shell and a frontend API.  I
believe that we support most of the features that you're describing.

Those deploying the application will likely want to build, or extend
their own accounting backend.  Currently, the only completed interface
is to Ubersmith.  A WHMCS module would be appreciated, if someone wished
to contribute one.

We're looking for other companies to deploy and use this software.  If
you have questions, please contact me off-list.

Eric Windisch

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