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[Xen-users] stuck domU

I'm running xen 3.2 on sles10sp2 x64. I have a 64 bit domU also running
sles10sp2. It's running off an image file. I had to restart it and now
it seems to be stuck doing an fsck. I've had other systems do this and
they usually finish the check and come up fine. This one seems to be
taking an unusually long time to do the fsck. It's a 40 gb drive and has
been running fsck for about 20 mins. It's the only domU on this system
so it's not like dom0 is really busy.

1) How can I tell if it's really doing something or if it's stalled?
2) Is there any way to force it NOT to run the fsck even though it
thinks that it needs to based on the amount of days? (obviously I can't
tunefs right now...)


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