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Re: [Xen-users] stuck domU

On Thu, 2009-06-18 at 12:50 -0400, James Pifer wrote:
> I'm running xen 3.2 on sles10sp2 x64. I have a 64 bit domU also running
> sles10sp2. It's running off an image file. I had to restart it and now
> it seems to be stuck doing an fsck. I've had other systems do this and
> they usually finish the check and come up fine. This one seems to be
> taking an unusually long time to do the fsck. It's a 40 gb drive and has
> been running fsck for about 20 mins. It's the only domU on this system
> so it's not like dom0 is really busy.
> 1) How can I tell if it's really doing something or if it's stalled?
> 2) Is there any way to force it NOT to run the fsck even though it
> thinks that it needs to based on the amount of days? (obviously I can't
> tunefs right now...)

Guess I was just impatient. It came back up finally. 


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