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Re: [Xen-users] Xen network tune for fileserver in DomU

> I didn't say that it isn't possible to use a (Xen) virtualized
> solution as a fileserver.
> I said that it doesn't make sense. I'm a big fan of virtualized OSes -
> but I don't
> see how Xen helps here.

It depends on what sort of fileserver you need.   Personally, I don't deploy
hardware smaller than 8 cores/32GiB ram;  which is kinda heavy for a 
fileserver but the cost and power draw difference between that and a 
4 core/8GiB ram system isn't huge, so I prefer to hack up a 32GiB/8 core
box rather than pay for power for a bunch of slightly smaller boxes.  

The thing is, most fileservers don't need much by way of CPU, but latency
will kill you, so the key is to dedicate a cpu to the fileserver.  As
usual, dedicate a core to the Dom0, as well.   If the DomU and the Dom0 
both can run at the same time, you can run an ok fileserver.

(of course, I'm assuming a paravirtualized guest.  The overhead of emulated
IO would kill you.)  

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