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[Xen-users] RE: Simple network config question

 Thank you for getting back to me so quickly.

I IP-ed the interface appropriately and was able to ping members of the network.

I created the bridge and added eth2 to it, at that point I could no longer ping 
members of that network.

I continued to configure the guest, and rebooted it, it came up with the new 
network interface containing IP identical to the one configured in the dom0. It 
was not able to ping the network either. I checked all manner of firewalls and 
routes, but nothing looked out of place.

As a lark, I removed eth2 from the newly created xenbr2 and it was able to ping 

Any other ideas?

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> > Hey guys,
> >
> > Usually all my guests go out through various bridges connected to 
> > eth0, but I came across a scenario where I need to connect one guest 
> > to a special backend network. The network is connected to an access 
> > port on a switch via
> > eth2 on the xen server. If I set an IP on eth2 in the correct 
> > network it works
> just
> > fine. How can I share this connection up to a domU? I cant tell the 
> > switchport to become a trunk and bridge out internally like I 
> > usually do. Any help is
> greatly
> > appreciated!!
> What you may want to try is bridging the connection on eth2 to 
> something like
> xenbr2 and in the config file have a line that is:
> vif=['bridge=xenbr2']

EDIT: If you have a line in the domU configuration file that already has a vif 
stated, which will probably be the case (eg. vif=['bridge=xenbr0']) you can 
just add the following configuration for two network connections by doing 
something like: 


I have a similar setup for an iSCSI storage network where one of the NICs on 
the dom0 is connected to the iSCSI network and allows connectivity to the domU 
through a special network bridge "iscsibr0" which I add to the config file as I 
showed above.

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