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[Xen-users] RE: Simple network config question

>  Thank you for getting back to me so quickly.
> I IP-ed the interface appropriately and was able to ping members of the
> network.
> I created the bridge and added eth2 to it, at that point I could no longer 
> ping
> members of that network.

I found this happening to me as well, but the domU would be able to connect 
once I gave it an IP that was DIFFERENT from the one that was configured for 
"eth2" on the dom0 side.

> I continued to configure the guest, and rebooted it, it came up with the new
> network interface containing IP identical to the one configured in the dom0. 
> It
> was not able to ping the network either. I checked all manner of firewalls and
> routes, but nothing looked out of place.

Yeah, like I said above, you need to have an IP different from the one 
configured for eth2 on the dom0 side. So for example, if eth2 in dom0 is the IP for the new interface in domU should be (or just 
something different).

Could you give this a shot?
> As a lark, I removed eth2 from the newly created xenbr2 and it was able to
> ping again.

Yep, this was annoying for us as well, but I wasn't going to dig through routes 
and stuff to figure it out. But like I said, even though I couldn't ping from 
dom0 the domU interface had full connectivity...

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