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[Xen-users] RE: RE: Best way to store domU's. NFS? NBD?

On Thursday 25 March 2010 18:42, Jeff Sturm wrote:

> My opinion is but a single data point.  In my last reply I'd given you
> some guidelines and general info that you could use to do your own
> evaluation.
> But for my money...
> - High-availability block storage on Linux only--DRBD + CLVM.  Make sure
> you invest in a good disk subsystem for each storage host.  No need for
> 15K RPM drives everywhere, but the more spindles, the better.
> - SAN storage. EqualLogic for iSCSI--a bit pricey but solid, reliable,
> simple to configure and great performance.  Coraid for AoE--simple,
> easy, very inexpensive, also reliable.
> I wouldn't bother with the standard protocols like iSCSI unless I'm also
> buying hardware from a commercial storage vendor.  If you're committed
> to Linux only, take a long look at DRBD.  It's actively developed and
> works great.  (There are "soft" appliances for iSCSI like Openfiler.
> I've had lukewarm results with those.  Commercial products are generally
> much more polished.)

DRBD by itself doesn't provide me with a storage solution. I can make a primary
and failover storage host with it, but when I want to have my VM's running on
other servers, I still need some way to let those servers access it.

But, you've given me enough food for thought for now. Thanks.

>> And, if you say iSCSI is ubiquitous, why are there 0 hits when I
> search for
>> iscsi on wiki.xensource.org?
> Do you mean wiki.xensource.com?  The search
> http://www.google.com/#hl=en&q=site%3Awiki.xensource.com+iscsi gives me
> quite a few hits.

I guess I did a title only search on the wiki, with the integrated search
function. So, never mind :)

> -Jeff

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