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Re: [Xen-users] Re: XCP networking

On Thursday 24 February 2011 07:08:32 rvegas wrote:
> Thanx for your response chris. just so im clear:
> nic0 - no ip address set to trunk mode -- cisco3020 to 6500 (also set as
> trunk)
> xcp configured as a trunk, with open switch.
> this will allow me to have management as well as vlans for guests?
> can i use xe to configure the vlans or is messing with the configs the only
> way?

XCP creates one vswitch per ethernet interface for you, named xenbrFOO.

It creates for nic0 vswitch (bridge) xenbr0 with one external port eth0 and 
one internal port xenbr0. Internal port xenbr0 gets the management IP 
assigned. Port eth0 gets nothing assinged, it carries all packets, tagged or 
not, to outside per default.

If you like to have virtual lans for the guests simply create the network and 
the vlan with xe. The PIF to use is eth0. If you create this XCP adds a new 
internal port to vswitch xenbr0, named xapiFOO, which is a virtual network 
interface. All guest network interfaces bound to this network are added to 
vswitch xenbr0 as internal switch ports with the network vlanID assigned 
(untagged vlan).

If you like to have a virtual lan for the management you must tag the internal 
switchport xenbr0 (untagged vlan), which seems not possible with xe.

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