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[Xen-users] Re: XAPI on debian - sr-create issue

Looks like the EXTSR was a bit broken in a couple of ways.

Firstly, you'll need to add a 'PRIMARY_DISK' line to /etc/xensource-inventory 
(now mentioned in the wiki page)
Secondly, the path the the LVM tools was incorrect. I've fixed this in a new 
deb that I've uploaded to downloads.xen.org.
Thirdly, I've added to the instructions that LVM2 needs to be installed.

I've also fixed a bunch of other things in the debs that I've uploaded - please 
pull down the latest versions and install them.


On 20 Jul 2011, at 14:22, Sébastien RICCIO wrote:

> Hi,
> Continuing my tests with xapi on debian, I get into an issue  trying to 
> create a SR.
> box# xe sr-create type=ext name-label=local device-config:device=/dev/sda3
> Error code: SR_BACKEND_FAILURE_1
> Error parameters: , Error reporting error, unknown key NoRootDev, 
> /usr/lib/xen-common/xapi/sm/util.py:17: DeprecationWarning: The popen2 
> module is deprecated.  Use the subprocess module.
>   import os, re, sys, popen2, subprocess
> Any idea what could be wrong ?
> Thanks a lot for your help.
> Sébastien

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