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Re: [Xen-users] Reserved Memory release

OS: Centos 5.6
Ram 16GB in all
Processor: 4core with HT (8 Threads)
Xen Management: XM

I use "xm top" to view the current status of all the VMs. The first VM (vm01) is of 4GB RAM. I could see complete ram allocated to Dom0 when I had rebooted the server. Once I started the vm01, it took 4GB ram toitself as it was told. Its work was over, and I have shut it down.
Now, I still see 12GB allocated to Dom0, inspite of shutting down vm01, which I have seen until now. I would like the 4GB unused ram to be allocated to Dom0 without restarting, as it cannot be done now.

My application runs on Dom0, and I am planning not use VMs on this machine in the future, which explains why need full RAM for Dom0.

I can see this in xm top:
Mem: 16686296k total, 12491528k used, 4194768k free  ÂCPUs: 8 @ 3411MHz

and this in top on Dom0
Mem: Â12142592k total

Following is the output of the command you specified:
# xm mem-set Domain-0 0
Error: Invalid memory size

I also tried:
# xm mem-set 0 Domain-0
Error: Invalid argument.

Thanks for prompt responses guys, I have tried searching the internet to no avail.

On Sun, Aug 28, 2011 at 9:38 PM, Alexandre Chapellon <a.chapellon@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Do0 is a domain and xm is the tool to manage domain resssource allocation...

have you tried xm mem-set 0 Âxxx?

Should work!

Le 28/08/2011 14:41, Simon Hobson a Ãcrit :

Rakesh Chawda wrote:
My problem, I want to turn off all the DomUs, and allocate all the ram back to Dom0. Even if I turn the DomU down, the memory still remains allocated to them.

No it doesn't. When you shut down a DomU then the memory it was using is returned to Xen's memory pool.

I think you need to describe your setup and problem in more detail.

How/where are you measuring free memory ?
Have you configured Dom0 to use a specific memory allocation (as is generally recommended) ?
What tools are you using ? Native Xen tools or some management layer on top ?
And of course, what versions/distro ?


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