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Re: [Xen-users] Reserved Memory release

Le 28/08/2011 19:34, Rakesh Chawda a écrit :
OS: Centos 5.6
Ram 16GB in all
Processor: 4core with HT (8 Threads)
Xen Management: XM

I use "xm top" to view the current status of all the VMs. The first VM (vm01) is of 4GB RAM. I could see complete ram allocated to Dom0 when I had rebooted the server. Once I started the vm01, it took 4GB ram toitself as it was told. Its work was over, and I have shut it down. Now, I still see 12GB allocated to Dom0, inspite of shutting down vm01, which I have seen until now. I would like the 4GB unused ram to be allocated to Dom0 without restarting, as it cannot be done now.

My application runs on Dom0, and I am planning not use VMs on this machine in the future, which explains why need full RAM for Dom0.

I can see this in xm top:
Mem: 16686296k total, 12491528k used, 4194768k free    CPUs: 8 @ 3411MHz

and this in top on Dom0
Mem:  12142592k total

Following is the output of the command you specified:
# xm mem-set Domain-0 0
Error: Invalid memory size

I also tried:
# xm mem-set 0 Domain-0
Error: Invalid argument.

As pointed out by Simon, first argument is either the domaind ID (0 in your case) or the domain name. Second argument is the memory size you wish to allocate to domain in megabytes. Please note that you cannot allocate more emory than what was set in dom0_mem (boot args), if set. As well as you can't shrink your dom0 memory bellow dom0-min-mem (xend parameter).


Thanks for prompt responses guys, I have tried searching the internet to no avail.

On Sun, Aug 28, 2011 at 9:38 PM, Alexandre Chapellon <a.chapellon@xxxxxxxxx <mailto:a.chapellon@xxxxxxxxx>> wrote:

    Do0 is a domain and xm is the tool to manage domain resssource

    have you tried xm mem-set 0  xxx?

    Should work!

    Le 28/08/2011 14:41, Simon Hobson a écrit :

        Rakesh Chawda wrote:

            My problem, I want to turn off all the DomUs, and allocate
            all the ram back to Dom0. Even if I turn the DomU down,
            the memory still remains allocated to them.

        No it doesn't. When you shut down a DomU then the memory it
        was using is returned to Xen's memory pool.

        I think you need to describe your setup and problem in more

        How/where are you measuring free memory ?
        Have you configured Dom0 to use a specific memory allocation
        (as is generally recommended) ?
        What tools are you using ? Native Xen tools or some management
        layer on top ?
        And of course, what versions/distro ?

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