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Re: [Xen-users] Looking for GUI tools

On 11 January 2012 15:06,  <admin@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> OpenXenManager is an open source alternative to XenCenter.  It only works
> with XCP or XenServer.  AFAIK, it does not work with regular Xen.  Some of
> the management apps rely on the API that XCP and XenServer use.
> Cloud.com/CloudStack/OpenStack can manage XCP and XenServer.  I don't think
> it can manage a normal Linux box that is simply running the Xen hypervisor.
> I don't think anybody would advocate installing any of the management tools
> in the dom0.  On XCP and XenServer, the dom0 is a stripped down text only
> environment.
> ----
> Cloud.com is just for XCP, right? I need an administration tool only
> to manage our domU's locally, just a traditional virtualization
> structure with the Xen hypervisor.
> It's good to know about it anyways.
> About OpenQRM, or any other application that you have to compile it
> yourself and look for the libraries.. everything by hand.. it's not
> good at all.
> I'd probably just pay for Convirt2 but at work they don't want to pay.
> They said they are tired of relying on a application with all the
> consecuences.. this is an old debate.
> I found this project: http://sourceforge.net/projects/openxenmanager/
> It's in Python so I wouldn't mind to contribute, why not..
> Are all these applications being installed on dom0? Wouldn't it be
> better leaving dom0 without graphical interface, and having it on a
> domU instead, which will communicate with dom0 to perform the
> administrative tasks?
> Do you guys have the management tool installed on dom0 or in a
> separate machine? How would the management application communicate
> with dom0? It looks like to me that the management tool should be out
> of dom0, leaving dom0 as isolated and minimal as possible. I better
> open a new thread with these questions.
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I see. It's very much clear to me now.

Thank you.

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