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Re: [Xen-users] PVUSB - how to?

????????????! ? ???????????, ????????????? ?????? 2012 ????, ? 15:05:25 ?? ??????:

JH> It looks like you are testing without the debug build of the drivers.
JH> With log throttling turned off you should be able to run the debug
JH> build without too much slowing down.

JH> If you can do that and just try adding the first usb device (the
JH> wireless HID should be fine) then shut down and send me the logfile
JH> I'll have a look at it.

In an attachment, the log
Interesting fact: in debug mode, HID working properly, but very slowly

JH> Can you then start up again and add the mouse? I have definitely had
JH> the mouse working properly before but maybe the wireless HID device
JH> crashed it preventing adding the second device from working.

JH> I've basically only implemented the USB functions I've been able to
JH> test - there are lots more functions probably missing but they should
JH> be easy enough to add.

How about usb flash drive and usb sound (as Elan USB Phone)?

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