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Re: [Xen-users] Lock domU on start

Dear Ian,

Yes I thinking that my email was not delivered sorry...

Sorry for the wrong synthax too. The option that is found is  (xend-domain-lock) and not (xend_domain-lock).
I found out here:

If this option didn't really exist, how can I do?
Cause in current time  I can start two VM in the same time and cause read-only file system error...
I've 2 Xen server which stored VM on a NAS with iSCSI. It's works great, but I've just this problem...
Still exist a solution to resolve this?

Kid regards,

2012/6/7 Ian Campbell <Ian.Campbell@xxxxxxxxxx>
You've posted this three separate times now, please don't do that.

On Wed, 2012-06-06 at 10:30 +0100, Xen Xen wrote:
> Dear everybody!
> I'm a new user of Xen and I encount a problem in my new new job with 2
> Xen Hyper-visor.
> We've 2 HV which access on your NAS by iSCSI to store our VM.
> Or last time we start a VM on one HV without seen that it's was
> started on the other HV. So we encounter some read-only file system
> error...
> I want to avoid this problem.
> My server run on Debian 6 with Xen 4.0.1
> I try to implement the (xend_domain-lock yes) with
> (xend-domain-lock-path /etc/xen/xen_lock) but it unfortunately don't
> work...

I can't find any mention of either of these options (with any
combination of "-" vs "_") in the xend source code in either unstable or
4.0. Are you sure this functionality actually exists? The threads I've
seen via google suggest that a patch was proposed back in 2008 but that
it was never committed.

> I've another server where I export a folder in NFS. And I mount it on
> my 2 HV. It's working fine.
> But when a VM start, nothing writing in the volume... So I can start
> the same VM on the other HV...
> Some have an idea why it doesn't work? Or another solution to avoid
> this problem?
> I'me sure Xen have a tool or something else to do this!
> Kind regards,
> Fabien

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