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[Xen-users] migrate from physical disk problems in xen

I've been trying to migrate a win nt 4 machine to a xen domu for the past few 
months with no success. However, on my current attempt, the original hardware 
no longer boots, so I'm trying to resolve the issues with xen properly, or else 
take a long holiday...

Anyway, the physical machine had a 9G drive (OS drive), a 147 G drive (not in 
use) and a 300G drive (all SCSI Ultra320 on the same SCSI controller)

Everytime, I've booted linux, used dd to image the original 2 drives (ignored 
the 147G drive), and written each image with dd to an LV

This is exported by iscsi to xen

The c: works fine, and I can boot properly in VGA mode (safe mode) but the 300G 
drive always shows as corrupt. I've now upgraded to win2000 in the VM, and 
win2000 reports the drive as healthy (hardware) but blank with no filesystem on 

However, on the xen machine, I can use fdisk to see the partition table, kpartx 
-a to add the partition device in /dev/mapper, and I can even mount the drive 
in Linux and see all of it's contents.

I suspect the problem is the way windows translates the CHS values of the 
drive, and so can't see things the same way that NT could on the physical 

I'm at a complete loss on how to resolve this issue, or what to try/look at. If 
all else fails I figured to try and create a new 300G drive, format it from 
win2k, and then somehow transfer the files from Linux into win2k, without 
losing any of the permissions / etc which I guess will be somewhat challenging.

Any suggestions, or advise would be greatly appreciated.


Adam Goryachev
Website Managers

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