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Re: [Xen-users] Problem with PCI Pass-through address space collision

On 05/28/2013 05:41 PM, Jon Skilling wrote:
Hi Gordan,

Sorry about the delay in replying.  It was bank holiday w/end here and I've
been away.

No worries, I've had a bank holiday weekend, too. :)

To answer your question, I've already tried building this with
XM instead of XL and it produced the same result.  However, I did have
something of an epiphany whilst I was away and decided to revisit the PCI
specs of the motherboard and PBX card.  The card is a 32bit 33Mhz card which
claims to run correctly in any PCI 2.2 slot or above.  I've already tested
this so I know it's correct.  The slots in the mobo are 64bit, 2 x 133Mhz,1
x 100Mhz, and 1 x 66Mhz and the card was in the 100Mhz slot.
It turns out however, that moving the card to the 66Mhz slot solves the
problem!  It seems a bit silly now that I originally put the card in the
100Mhz slot, but then, it worked fine like that until I introduced xen.

If I had to guess, putting it in a different slot solved the problem because of the way PCI bridges are wired up, not because it is a different speed slot. Can you check:

lspci -vt

and see if in the old slot you had more than just this card behind the same PCI bridge?

Unfortunately, this wasn't the end of my problems, although it looks like
I'm about 99% there...  For the sake of interest, Asterisk and freePBX seem
to have installed ok, but the dahdi drivers haven't.  This is because I have
to compile the drivers over the xen kernel (3.9.3-1.el6xen.x86_64) and each
of these driver modules displays a warning about "no private gpg key".  It
looks like I may need to patch the install scripts to stop this breaking the
install but this could be the last step before it starts working!

So, you are down to a mere Linux problem rather than a Xen one. :)
Awesome stuff, should be easier from here. ;)


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