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Re: [Xen-users] Audio PCI passthrough issues in a Linux domU

On 31-05-13 11:31, Ole Johan Væringstad wrote:
On Mon, May 20, 2013 at 11:23 AM, Arjen <arjenvanweelden@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I accidentally reproduce my audio passthrough problem in KVM and discovered
a work-around for Xen. When I boot dom0 with pciback.hide=(00:1b.0), the
passthrough appears to work but the sound playback is choppy and noisy.

Instead, I let the snd_hda_intel driver load and own the 00:1b.0 device
during the boot of dom0. After starting dom0 I do a
xl pci-assignable-add 00:1b.0, which unloads the snd_hda_intel driver,
before starting the domU with PCI passthrough. Apparently, some kind of
initialization by the dom0 (or KVM host) is necessary for smooth audio
playback in the domU.

I don't know how this fixes my problem, but I hope this work-around might be
useful for others with similar sound issues.

kind regards, Arjen


I have got my setup up and running, passing through an Intel C600/X79
HDAC to a Gentoo HVM guest. It works fine with hiding from the kernel,
no workarounds needed. I have no idea what causes your problems, but
if you want to look at some of my configuration I'd be glad to.

- OJ


It might help me (and possibly others) if you could send your /etc/defaults/grub, kernel .config, and the guest xl configuration file.

As this problem happens on two different virtualization systems, I fear that this work-around is required for my particular set-up. Then again, as I appear to be the only one suffering from this, your files might help me fix my configuration.

thanks in advance, Arjen

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