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Re: [Xen-users] XEX-Server 6.2 freezes

Hola Alexandre,

> Hello, Meike,
> A notebook is not a very friendly hardware to debug on. What you may try to
> do is to get XenServer's "last breath", via a serial port
Yes, that's bad ... but for testing, it's a small "server", to take
away and enough to shoulder up to 3..4 guests.

>  (surely your notebook does not have one, but...)
How do you know this ... ;-)

> or via network console.
> Check this reference about netconsole:
> http://www.cyberciti.biz/tips/linux-netconsole-log-management-tutorial.html
BTW, it has something slightly changed (using of netcat, and how to
call the module)

Thanks for the hint, but the result looks like the other ways, no output ...
I tested the netconsole via magic sysreq (like noted from a guest
below the article)

It is absolutly curious, the system freeze, the console screen is
turned to black, no console via fn-Fx changeable, network stack is
death (no icmp) ...

Is there a posibility the change to a other kernel, or any XEN
specific parameters in the machine to configure or for the bootpromt?

Thanks Meike

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