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Re: [Xen-users] PXE booting XenServer 6.2


El 10/07/13 04:39, Prasanna Santhanam escribió:
On Tue, Jul 09, 2013 at 10:58:37AM -0500, Alexandre Kouznetsov wrote:

1. Make sure the option "redirect console after boot" is disabled in
your BIOS. I'm not sure what this option is intended for, but I find
it messes up things when playing with serial console. It is not
needed to be enabled for a serial console setup with Linux.

This was enabled so I disabled it and attempted a PXE boot and the
iDrac console was stuck at the same point. So looks like the option
didn't have any effect.
A least, one thing less to worry about. Shall be safe to leave it that way.

2. When using serial console, on previous versions of Xen, I have
seen some output to be missed, it was not copied to both, the
physical and serial console. My solution was to decide which I use
and not to count on the other one. Since you are using a iDRAC card,
which gives you a "normal" graphical console, consider dropping the
serial console and omit it's reference from the boot configuration.

I dropped all console references as Joseph had pointed and that didn't
work for Xen 6.2 but did for previous version.
Another one less.

3. Check your serial ports configuration in BIOS. What is mapped as
com1, the internal port or the external one? If it's external and
there is something connected to it, it may confuse the console.

com1 is external but not connected to anything. I set to com2 and
attempted booting. No go. Then set to "Remove Access Device" and still
no use.
I think with this you have eliminated the possibility of something interfering with the console. So, the issue should be within the installation process.

4.Check the debug virtual console (Alt-F2, hope your iDRAC can do
it). It's possible that something went wrong with your answers file
or networking detection.

This option doesn't seem to be supported on my iDrac.
I'm afraid you will have to use the physical console to finish exploring this option then. I'm almost sure it's the network detection fault, not the console.

5. Try booting without answers file first. With answers file, since
the process is supposed to be unattended, the feedback is poor.

I booted from the CD image and the installation was successful.
No, forget the CD for now. The proof of concept would be to boot installation from PXE and without answerfile. Just omit the "answerfile=" parameter on your pxelinux config.

But here's my answers file for reference.

The vars ($server, $distro) are replaced by cobbler on boot.

<?xml version="1.0"?>
    <installation mode="fresh" srtype="lvm">
       <primary-disk gueststorage="yes">sda</primary-disk>
       <source type="url">http://$server/cblr/links/$distro</source>
       <admin-interface name="eth0" proto="dhcp" />
Looks good to me.


Alexandre Kouznetsov

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