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Re: [Xen-users] Xen guest domains Console- How to interact with it?


El 10/07/13 00:38, Fizza Hussain escribió:
Hi Alexandre,

When I press Enter on this console screen, I get this message " No
console input handler".
This seems to be a normal working condition for MiniOS under Xen. Or at least it was 7 years ago. It's MiniOS issue, not Xen's.

Can you please explain what does this mean?
Normally, the console is enabled on a tty device (tty0, tty1 and so on). Under Xen, since the hypervisor need to me able to communicate with the console, a new device hvc0 is used. Apparently, MiniOS can't handle this kind of device for console.

Do I have to install
something for the console to be functioning properly?
You may try to hack MiniOS a little bit (maybe altering /etc/inittab would be enough) or consider switching Linux distribution.

If I may suggest, trying another Linux seems to be the suitable option for your case.


Alexandre Kouznetsov

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