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Re: [Xen-users] GTX 670 Tips?

I'm pretty sure gfx_passthru=1 doesn't work without additional patches to do things like load and execute the VBIOS in domU.

Yeah I saw the flag mentioned, but wasn't sure if it was in the context of "windows only" or linux also. ÂFrom the sound of things that flag works with qemu traditional only, with modded cards and no patches.

So you get VNC video during installation, and you get external output from the card from the nouveau driver. So far so good.

FYI, the noiveau driver isn't _too_ bad. If all you need is 2D acceleration, I can confirm that an ageing 8800GT with nouveau driver is perfectly capable of running HD video scaled up to 3840x2400 (2x1920x2400 across 2 monitors).

Yes, I only got video from the emulated card during install, but the first and all subsequent boots show terminal through the GTX 670. ÂI know the nouveau isn't bad for 2D, but I was hoping to try various 3D Accelerated applications in linux with passthrough, so I need the proprietary drivers.

Remind me - did you modify your card into a Quadro/Grid?

I'm sure I remember David mentioning he had Linux domU running with accelerated drivers.

The card is modded to Grid K1 (Linux sees it as GK104).

I tried the `nvidia-kernel-dkms` package, and have also tried the latest downloaded drivers (3.19.60Âhttp://www.nvidia.com/object/unix.html). ÂNeither worked, when I installed from the downloaded package it said it was built for gcc 4.6 and could be incompatible. ÂIt appeared to still install, but again no video.

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