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Re: [Xen-users] debian wheezy bridge creation

chris snow <chsnow123@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> I did see that advice, but can't remember where.  I wasn't sure that
> because I was installing xen/xcp using apt-get whether this advice was
> being followed by the debian scripts.  I'm guessing the scripts don't
> follow the advice because the three bridges are created automatically.
>> auto ethbak
>> iface ethbak inet static
>>  bridge_ports pethbak
>>  address x.x.x.x
>>  netmask
>> After that, the bridge just automagically appears at boot.
>> Simon Hobson
> I'm wondering whether I should just try installing xen (or xcp?) from
> scratch so that I have full control over what is happening, before
> trying to use the distro packages?

You do realise that you have to configure stuff don't you ?
I don't know where those three bridges come from, but when I've installed Xen 
it doesn't do a great deal networking wise until configured.

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