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Re: [Xen-users] Need support for xen network configuration

Hi All,
thanks for the support!

I decided to add eth1 and connect them all via an internal 24-port switch. Way 
more easy, but more expensive…


Am 10.07.2014 um 11:24 schrieb lee <lee@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:

> Simon Hobson <linux@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
>> lee <lee@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>>>> Rather than add aliases, AIUI it's now preferred to just add addresses 
>>>> (whether in the same subnet or a different one).
>>>> So something like :
>>>> iface eth0 inet static
>>>> address
>>>> ...
>>>> post up ip addr add address
>>>> post up ip addr add address
>>> /24?
>> As already mention, that's the easy way of writing the subnet mask.
> I know --- I'm somewhat puzzled about it because when assigning an
> address to an interface, it's usually one particular address and not a
> subnet that is being assigned.
>>> Please be aware that a bridge is a bridge.  When you do this, you
>>> connect all these different networks with each other.  That is probably
>>> *not* what you want.
>> In the OPs case I think it is. He appears to have all traffic on one 
>> physical link - so the easiest way to handle it is to keep it as one network 
>> all the way through. So one bridge, and just configure the appropriate IP(s) 
>> on each DomU.
> Well, in this context, connecting networks can easily appear as if it
> was merely an irrelevant side effect of a bridge.
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