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[Xen-users] HTPC + DUAL PC In one

Hello guys,

It's time to upgrade my old pc. I have been thinking about this project for one month, now i'll explain it.

One linux machine with xen installed will host 3 virtual machines. One will be running linux + plex and this will be the HTPC, the other two virtual machines will run Windows. I don't need hi-end graphics, the objective is to obtain a good balance between calcolus power and power consumption. In such way I will have a computer for myself, for my family and HTPC.

To do this I planned to buy a 4790k, a Z87 Extreme 6 by ASrock, 8GB of RAM and maybe hybrid hard drives. From intel website i saw that i7 4790k supports vd-t but not vPro. Is this a problem? I mean: every one in the internet is saying that only "non K" CPUs support vd-t. Is this right?Â

Then about the motherboard, Z87 is the lastest to support Vd-t? Z97 doesn't support it?Â

Now the problem is GPU pass-through. My idea Intel integrated graphics and auidio for HTPC in such way i will have audio and video over HDMI. Other two ati PCIe GPUs one for each virtual machine. Then for audio other two pci cards. The question is: is there a better solution for audio? I mean each card has more than one channel, can I deticate a channel instead of a single PCI card? Another problem are all the wires! I was thinking to use Thunderbolt for the two Windows VM. In such way i will have Audio, Video and USBs in a cable. But how? Do you have any suggestion?

Thanks for your time and help.

Have a nice day, Mattia
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