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Re: [Xen-users] omap5 EVM unable to boot domU

On 8/27/2014 2:57 PM, John Paul Walters wrote:

Greetings John,

> Hi,
> I was able to get dom0 booting on an omap5 EVM according to the
> instructions posted here:
> http://wiki.xen.org/wiki/Xen_ARM_with_Virtualization_Extensions/OMAP5432_uEVM
> I'm now trying to get a guest domU to boot, but so far I haven't had
> any luck.  I'm using an Obuntu 14.04  ARMv7 image along with the dom0
> kernel that I boot with.  I'm using the following guest configuration:
> kernel = "/root/test_vm/zImage"
>    memory = "128"
>    name = "domU"
>    vcpus = 1
>    serial="pty"
>    extra = 'earlyprintk=xenboot console=hvc0 root=/dev/xvda debug rw
> init=/bin/sh'
>    disk = [ 'phy:/dev/loop1,xvda,w' ]

Not sure if this will apply to you or not, but I noticed you have "console=hv0"
in your extra line as suggested by the wiki.  We're currently working on the
Arndale board (Cortex-A15 board based on the Samsung Exynos 5250 SOC) using
Linaro Ubuntu images.  In order to get a working console on our Dom0/DomU's we
had to mount the file system for each domain and create/update the file
"/etc/init/hvc0.conf" to read as follows:

# hvc0 - getty
# This service maintains a getty on tty1 from the point the system is
# started until it is shut down again.

start on stopped rc RUNLEVEL=[2345] and (
            not-container or
            container CONTAINER=lxc or
            container CONTAINER=lxc-libvirt)

stop on runlevel [!2345]

exec /sbin/getty -8 38400 hvc0

Not sure if that'll solve your problem, but what you're describing sounds like
the domain is starting successfully but not connecting the console, so that
configuration file might do the trick for you.

One other thing to check might be your network bridge settings- we've had
trouble with DomU's not starting correctly if their network settings were
incorrect or incomplete.  Make sure your network bridge is running in Dom0 (can
be checked using ifconfig) and then try adding the following line to your DomU
config file:

vif = [ 'bridge=xenbr0' ]

Obviously you'll want to change 'xenbr0' to be whatever the name of your network
bridge is.

Hope something there helps, good luck!

- Josh

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