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Re: [Xen-users] [Xen VGA Passthrough] AMD R9 290X GPU???

On 09/16/2014 07:45 PM, Peter Kay wrote:

On 14 September 2014 06:26:31 GMT+00:00, Gordan Bobic <gordan@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
On 2014-09-13 13:13, Peter Kay wrote:

KVM is capable of side loading the GPU BIOS, yes. For some people
is not required, but when I tried it, it was.

Interesting. I wouldn't expect this to be required for secondary
passthrough if a device reset method is implemented.

I think under KVM I was mostly doing primary passthrough, so it's different. On 
Xen it's generally been secondary; I may re-try again with the ATI patches at 
some point, but I've not had much success and the faux 'quadro 6000' is working 

And that is pretty much the point I've been making - a modified GeForce card "just works". As a user I don't feel particularly motivated to jump through additional hoops to make an ATI card work properly, especially since the PCI passthrough was far from the only problem I had with the ATI cards/drivers, even on the first boot when they do work.

I thought PCI passthrough was broken on X38. It's one of the
reasons I retired my X38 motherboard to the test bench duties.

The 3210 chipset is its own special beast, based on, but not exactly the same 
as X38. I think most, but not all X38 motherboards do not work. The exceptions 
are, I believe, the Intel 38BT and if I remember correctly there's a third 
party (DFI? Gigabyte?) That supplied a beta BIOS that made things work.

I thought the problem was a hardware bug that wasn't fixable using a BIOS workaround. Something about half of a particular register being masked and thus not being settable, IIRC, but I could be wrong.


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