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Re: [Xen-users] xen 4.5-unstable, oxenstored cannot start (centos 7, kernel 3.17.0)

On Tue, Oct 14, Ian Campbell wrote:

> I don't understand most of this stuff, but do you not need to check the
> content of the capabilities file too?

Not in this file. If /proc/xen exists, but /proc/xen/capabilities does
not yet exists its fine to mount xenfs.

Its more complicated in other service files. I will try to catch both
old and new systemd with both pvops and SUSE kernel with both dom0 and


> > [Unit]
> > Description=Mount /proc/xen files
> > ConditionPathExists=/proc/xen
> > ConditionPathExists=!/proc/xen/capabilities
> > RefuseManualStop=true
> > 
> > [Mount]
> > What=xenfs
> > Where=/proc/xen
> > Type=xenfs

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